Tiger Woods Scandal

By: Sarah Barker

My group chose Tiger Woods to study for our Image Repair paper. We chose Woods because he was and still is one of the best athletes the world has ever seen. He has won countless championships, incurred fame, and fortune. He is known by almost the whole world. Woods was seen to have it all until his sex scandal broke in late 2009.

Unfortunately Woods soon lost his way in life. In November 2009, one of the biggest scandals in sports history broke. Woods crashed his car and then his wife was seen beating his car with a golf club. This was just the beginning for Woods. It was then discovered that Woods had been cheating on his wife with nearly 50 different women from around the world. As a public figure, Woods’ scandal was soon spread to every home in the world. He was publicly humiliated, whether he deserved it or not, and his life was soon in shambles.

Being the great athlete that he is, Woods was able to find the strength to check himself into intensive therapy for sex addiction and then somehow find his way back to playing professional golf. He has said in many interviews that this was a very difficult process to go through but it needed to be done. He said he went against his core values, stopped meditating, quit practicing his faith, stopped focusing on his goals and started feeling entitled, which he said he had never felt before.

Although Woods’ story was spread around the world in a matter of hours, he eventually owned up to his mistakes. On national television he was interviewed and said that he has to face the consequences because he did it.

And although what Woods did was horrible by anyone’s standards, he has found his way back to the course and is still one of the greatest golfers of all time.

The link below is to the first interview that Woods did on national television after the scandal. In this interview he admits to his behavior and shows mortification through his emotions and words.

Tiger Woods Interview after Scandal



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