Midway ISD Goals & Objectives

By: Sarah Barker

The overall goal that we have for the project with Midway ISD is to create awareness about school vouchers and get the legislators, Brian Birdwell and Doc Anderson to vote “No” in the next election.

In order to reach this lofty goal many smaller objectives must be reached. These include, educating the general public about school vouchers and their effects, getting voters to call and express their concern to and get students in the community to express their appreciation for public schools.

To achieve each of these individual goals, my team has set out strategies and tactics that will be used in order to meet these standards. We have come up with a list of objectives that will need to be met in order that the legislators vote “No” on school vouchers. We will host PTA meetings that will have portions dedicated to the school voucher program. In order that more parents can be involved we will have the meeting recorded and posted on the website so that parents can watch the meeting at a later time if during the day is inconvenient. At the meetings we will also host letter-writing stations where parents will be encouraged to sign their name to a letter that clearly states they are against school vouchers. This will eliminate the problem of mailing the letter and the “around to it” factor that many parents struggle with that are not top of mind.

We will also host similar meetings for teachers and faculty. These meetings will be conducted during “Professional Development Days” or “Teacher Work Days”. In order for this objective to be successful we want to see a 90% attendance rate. Similar to the parent meetings we will have letter-writing stations throughout the meeting room so that teachers can write letters to the legislators as well. We will also encourage teachers to make phone calls, however, we realize that teachers are working long hours and many times they will not be able to call during the day.

After meeting with Traci Marlin, we also realize how big of an impact the community members can have even if they do not have students enrolled currently at Midway ISD. Often times perspective parents will chose to move to a top school district even before having kids. With this in mind we would like to see an additional 5% of community members attend the PTA meetings where they can learn of the future effects that school vouchers will have on the district as a whole. We would like to see an addition 20 letters written from community members encouraging the legislators to vote “No”.

Although these goals are lofty, with the right tactics, I think we will be able to reach many community members and grow the awareness of school vouchers and their negative effects on public education.


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