Midway ISD

By: Sarah Barker

My group began working with Midway ISD about three weeks ago. We met with Traci Marlin, the Public Information Officer for the district. Before going into the meeting, I had no idea what we would be working on for her. I had done some preliminary research about this school district itself but felt overwhelmed at how to approach a media plan for such a large organization.

However, I was surprised when we began the meeting. Traci had already thought through what she wanted us to work on. She wanted us to put together a plan for Midway ISD that would create public awareness about the school voucher system. She gave us the overall goal, which is to have Brian Birdwell and Doc Anderson to vote “No” on school vouchers when it comes up next in state legislation. In effort to show how complicated the school voucher system really is, Traci explained the process and the ins and outs for about 30 minutes. We had time to ask further questions in efforts to better understand such a complicated issue.

Our group is going well so far. All of us seem to work together well. As the point of contact person I haven’t felt alone in any of the communication at all. All of us were able to attend the meeting with Traci, which I think made a huge difference in our team dynamic. Because school vouchers is such a complicated topic it was crucial that we were all there. If we hadn’t all been there I think that we would have quite a different group dynamic. Thankfully, we were all there and able to be on the same page from the beginning of the project. So far, I think that our group is of the same thought process and are all working together on the project. We have been working well together and trying to spread the work evenly by working out our strategies aloud.


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