Find Beauty in Everything

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As the winter months are quickly approaching, a challenge I am posing to my readers is to “Find Beauty in Everything.”  It may be a nice breeze outside or just the fact that you have a friend(s) to go home to at the end of the day.

One thing about the holiday season that poses problems is the constant desire for material things to make us happy.  This year, instead of adding material items to your wish list add traits that you want to have such as kindness, gentleness, love, peace, etc.  These may grant you the best holiday season yet.

I know for students, finding peace at the end of the semester is challenging.  We have countless exams, papers, projects, along with travel and exhaustion, it’s tough to be comfortable with where we are right now.  If we can take time each day while walking or driving to and from class to look outside of ourselves and soak in the beauty around us, we can change the path of our day.

So this holiday season, take the challenge to Find Beauty in Everything and open your eyes to the world around you, even when the day is grey.


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